I’ve been bouncing around between picking a blog platform, and realized I should really settle down and stick with one. This is mostly a page to track my decision-making, and isn’t meant to be an objective comparison of different platforms. The one thing I'’ll be limiting myself to is static site generators. They’re light, easy to write to, and I can keep my blog in source control.

The markup language

I’d really rather avoid having to learn a wholle new markup, so that effectively limits me to either Markdown or ReST. While I really like the expressiveness of ReST, I don’t think I’ll be needing the advanced feautures enough to merit having to deal with the syntax.

The tool’s language

Meh, I really don’t care. As long it takes less than 30 seconds to build the site, that’s good enough for me.


It would be nice if it had a minimal black on white theme available, but I’m not really averse to creating my own.


I’ll be most likely hosting this on github pages. Integration with that would be a bonus, but I’m not going to specifically check for that.


A list of platforms that might meet my needs:


My previous platform. I thinks it’s a great product, but it just didn’t strike the right chord.


By far and away the most popular static site generator. However, the YY/MM/DD/ folder structure it enforces irks me much more than it should.


The strongest contender so far. Simple and does what I need.

My decision

I decided to go with Hugo. It’s written in Go, the new hotness, doesn’t force a directory structure on me, and has a really nice selection of themes I can use (I’m using angels-ladder currently.